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Month: June, 2015

joke’s on.

you cut people - moma - 08.12

you cut people – moma – 08.12

a can of worms,
a whoopee thing.
a shocking shake,
and silly string.

a nerve following
every word.
With powers so strong,
it fills a void.

a worthy glance
of shared laughter.
With powers so strong,
it fills a void.

a driven feel
of “finally”.
With powers so strong,
It fills a void.

A can of worms,
A whoopee thing.
A shocking shake,
And silly string.

joke’s on ___.

x x
– V


direct your current.



direct the current,
or alternate it.

a hello to be edited,
conversation- audited.
yeah ’cause-deception lay
in disappointment bay
worse than your maker,
handed it to your re-creator.

Always be the third,
In a sequence of evens.
Hello ego no. large,

Should we tango?

x x




jupiter, jupiter
woops, no woops.

If only you could have,
said no and turned away,
-gotten off shore,
without leaving single sun ray?

no legitimacy.

You’ve gotten too tangled,
now to animal forms,
you’re forever wain-ing in the sky,
a trophy that outperforms.

x x

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