by veepho

| glitching |

| glitching |

inside her head,
a space she occupies.
it’s got the opposite
of rainbows, lollipops..
but ple
nty of butterflies.

apologies times one.
with adventures times two.
it’s fi
lled a ravenous plot,
of anxiety and nerve,
but dreams fighting for true.

a place you will see,
with in and out occupants.
new species erup ting,
by the daze, the ours,
the seco

she wishes sometimes,
for sustainability.
comfort in calm,
through boring

but adventure seeks souls,
not the other way around.
her habitat is not to be
controlled by what they say,
is sou

as fucked as it may be,
she knows it true,
the ability to embrace
herself free
is i
gnited through
madness in lieu.

x x