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Month: February, 2014


playing | culture thug photography

playing | culture thug photography

love is an experience,
every man to marilyn.
every woman to marilyn.

there are some forces we cannot control,
a hammer to knee,
a developed knoll.

some passions they say,
drive us insane,
through drugs and sex and capital gain.

“Get out while you can..”,
“we can settle down..”
the issue is that it’s not chosen crown.

Your soul fires out cries of direction,
through pain, you’ll discover:
without your discreti

The few to suppress and deny the cry,
can live vanilla,
sibly live to die.

I do not choose to cry hysterics,
I do not choose to feel esoteric.

I do not choose 2 minute-euphoric,
proving paradox-sick.

x x


no cigar.

ninetees summer dirtbag | san francisco

ninetees summer dirtbag | san francisco

She eats no meat
she shaves her head,
She would
much rather her friend

She never will ever
try anything but that,
She’s g
ot life in a beat,
and will remain without sat.

with kindness She finds
there’s not much here,
has smoke in one mouth,
with words She do
esn’t hear.

She remembers to remember,
to not give a fuck,
her entity is irony,
and She’s fres
h outta luck.


just like that .



like that telephone passed around
in grade scho
she whispers a cool,
you figure a fool.

like those valentines we made
for everyone in class.
she gave em out en masse,
but there was only one t
o last.

like those cassettes we made
to express ourselves.
with all t
he whistles and bells,
sit with our love and lust on our dusty DIY shelves.


warehouse will



write a verse from deep in your soul,
dig e
ven deeper
reach me your goal.

Accept that feeling with
all you’ve got,
don’t let any
body stop you
don’t let yourself get caught.

Make love to your heart,
let yourself
fall ap


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