Escapism, at best.

by veepho

enter my wardrobe.

enter my wardrobe.

Narnia for a while,
can bring forth,
an insig
htful smile.

Narnia for a while longer,
can bring forth,
a spirit
ual slaughter.

Bring your coats, swords,
powers to the back.
The wardrobe leads in,
to a life o
ff track.

Imagine foreword a dream,
that’ll catch.
Watch for cautionary tales,
in the
strings with circle latch.

Monitor your life bass,
release your carbon monox.
Breathe in plant fumes,
collect wardrobe rocks.

Leave markers to find your way back,
with alarms and reminders,
set staggered notes,
and search-rescue finders.

Recall the lions,
lick your wounds.
Come back in bett
er piece,
before the witch sets your tombs.

Restrain seeking revenge,
remember your choice to enter,
the wardrobe did tempt you
but, was your demon o
ff center?

Be wary of the Ice Queen,
who’s cold with the pageant smile gate.
She’ll pick you up and eat you,
then play it real a
s fate.

Request time for yourself,
you didn’t come back.