by veepho

It’s been 2 months.
but it’s plain to see,
the lif
e I made,
thunder STUCK me.

Been writing, been loving,
been working to deaths,
been life-ing and living,
been catching he
r breaths.

Here’s a dabble into life presently:

The water, she trickles deep,
in her eardrums.
The animals, they whimper,
much louder than hums.

The birds they sing,
The forest, it grows.
The people, they stare,
Yet, less frien
ds than foes.

Disappear promptly into 3 cities,
no specifics, no word,
just jump realities.

Suburbia allows for distorted growth,
Breathe in the air,
take therapeutic oath.

The water, she disrupts,
her trickling best.
The animals, they break,
the blood pump in chest.
the birds, they mock,
the forest it haunts,
The peop
le, they talk,
Yet, my life here is on lock.