umpteen years.

by veepho



Her hand in mine,
the sweet smell of her will.
There’s nothing l
ike the way she puts her life,
in her smile.
Her every tear dehydrates me
and all I want to do is hold her soul
in the crevice of mine.
I want you
to whisper your entirety
Into my sigh.
Release your every breath into my lie.

Then hold me in you until we
Then hold me eve
r closer.

This is not love,
this is it.

I wanna hold your hand, tonight.

Listen to your eyes age,
and secret
s into my lines.

Your every inhale sinks to the pit
Of my gut…for longer
Than a while.

So let go a few,
and then a few more,
I’m here b
ut cannot dwell
For you to realize.