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Month: June, 2013


pick your poison | ocean or fosset |san francisco pier

pick your poison | ocean or fosset |san francisco pier

The dark lives on,
sober without a drop.
Of anyhing more,
than the wells of the sop.

Remind yourself of tranquility,
not need
ing a fill.
Of courage nor excitement,
to commence your thrill.

Keep forth on adventure,
with comfort of a single.
Through LED lights,
and opportunity to mi

Allow movement:multidirectional,
to reach its own destination.
Crouch down but don’t bow,
for organic manifestation.

Circulate with opening,
lookout for break in li
For necessary escape,
from trap in thine.

The dark lives on,
until light is granted.
Permission to enter,
without eye
brows too far slanted.



black n blue
















She will not let you break her heart,
but bruising, tearing,
you did
rip apart.

She will not let you play with her,
but pick you last,
for minimal stir.

She will not let you eat her soul,
but wa
nts to lose weight,
so grab a bowl.

She will not let you in her mind,
but inhaled her
her sanity away, she signed.

You’re scare, she knows,
she’s black n blue,
just cut your shit,
she knows your




2013-06-17 22.59.11

Hours and minutes, and seconds spent,
Making, thinking,
mind al
l bent.

From one to the other,
medium one is set.

Seconds and minutes and hours let,
ing, conceiving,
soul reset.

From two to the other,
medium two set.

Minutes and lifetimes and lightyears bet,
humming, sweating,
no sense regret.



umpteen years.



Her hand in mine,
the sweet smell of her will.
There’s nothing l
ike the way she puts her life,
in her smile.
Her every tear dehydrates me
and all I want to do is hold her soul
in the crevice of mine.
I want you
to whisper your entirety
Into my sigh.
Release your every breath into my lie.

Then hold me in you until we
Then hold me eve
r closer.

This is not love,
this is it.

I wanna hold your hand, tonight.

Listen to your eyes age,
and secret
s into my lines.

Your every inhale sinks to the pit
Of my gut…for longer
Than a while.

So let go a few,
and then a few more,
I’m here b
ut cannot dwell
For you to realize.



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