carry that barque above your head.

by veepho

ancient egypt exhibit at the  met

ancient egypt exhibit at the met

You are Nun,
and we were told.
the barque above your head,
and percolate from land to water.

I watched you destruct,
to reconstruct and create.
A world so complex it takes worlds,
lifetimes, deities to liberate.

The clouds are smoked
with ambiguity,
knowing that the ambivalence of Nun
is still.

I watched you create
all that you have ever known.
A creat
ion that wants to deviate
but got stuck in a fate that you think you must carry.

Carry that barque above your head
to the edges of your universe,
wait until you allo
w yourself
to reach past to another universe.

Chaos gets scared,
Nun shuts down.