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Month: February, 2013

lay-in with moroccan market.

i h8 everyone

Look at Richard,
he says it
with quiet, in silence,
only when she rings the bell.

Look at Richard,
he‘s self sufficient,
with n
ourishment and worth,
become omniscient.

Look at Richard,
he builds his own nest,
with litt
le to none,
will never a-wrest.

Look at Richard,
he sits and listens,
with e
ars so twisted,
will he stop before he gets ahold of ricin?

Look at Richard,
he grows beyond his means,
with ach
ing joints,
look up from your screens.



on the periphery lies sedated.

bk bridge

bk bridge

Let your guard down
and realize,
the inm
ate has a crowbar,
in both hazel eyes.

They carry a funnel,
of hop
es so false,
a pair of blacked out contacts,
as real as a 4/4 waltz.

Step to it,
you’ll definitely see,
the inmate has broken hearts,
and pa
rted her C.

Get in the habit,
and brea
k the mould,
this inmate will run you through it,
as she had a
lways been told.

Keep those eyes,
but giv
e ’em back,
the beholder will want
to co
ver its track.


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