jingled balls.

by veepho

The year is quickly coming to an end,
and I
have much to say.
This christ
mas was weird and lonely,
but I
‘ll let come what may.

Take my breath and unwrap your gifts,,
your hearts-worth more than gold,
m glad they’re part of my mess here,
So here I will be bold.

I’ll eat your souls but I’ll be nice,
I’ll let them play with mine.
My feelings are only for you,
rest can die in line.

I want so bad to tell you how,
I feel about this love.
I’ll set aside this ego, and risk,
the age-old problem–solution there-of.

You make me smile..and I hate that feeling,
It’s all warm and soft.
I’d sing and dance and lie for you,
eve-en outrun lara croft.

Remember this, I’ll say it once,
I love you more than my brows,
I’ll s
have em off and leave em bare,
but you better keep your vows.

Hoe, Hoe, Hoes,
Merry Jingle balls.
Here comes another year,
to bellow down this fucking li
fe’s halls.