bring the baby and the man, meet you at the cemetery.

by veepho

Down they go,
round the hill.
The swigging show,
will p
lay without will.

Flick the tab,
rn the cap,
light the end,
and suc
k the sap.

Enter a state,
of temporary…
with thos
e laying 6 feet under,
in unchosen residency.

Raise a swig,
to the one
s that fought,
the ones that struggled,
the on
es that lost.

Then raise another,
to the guilty few,
se a laugh,
to th
eir limbs askew.

I’ll bring Mr.Jack,
You bring Pabst-y.
I’ll bring my other friends,
meet at the cemetery.



mr jack plays with PeeBee AREE.