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Month: November, 2012

I guess we’re not friends.

She does not know where to begin,
a black stained heart,
‘s wearing thin.

She ate a bear that ate a mouse,
ed back around,
gave good douse.

The mouse ate grass hit with pesticide,
grew holes in teeth,
for words, speci

The kind of word that holds 12 letters,
3 o
f them known,
and 9 with silence fetters.

The mouse looked straight into her eye,
and easi
ly said:
“you’ve always got a friend nearby.”

She smiled real big, then realized,
the day fell asleep, was again hypnotized.

act I scene V




bring the baby and the man, meet you at the cemetery.

Down they go,
round the hill.
The swigging show,
will p
lay without will.

Flick the tab,
rn the cap,
light the end,
and suc
k the sap.

Enter a state,
of temporary…
with thos
e laying 6 feet under,
in unchosen residency.

Raise a swig,
to the one
s that fought,
the ones that struggled,
the on
es that lost.

Then raise another,
to the guilty few,
se a laugh,
to th
eir limbs askew.

I’ll bring Mr.Jack,
You bring Pabst-y.
I’ll bring my other friends,
meet at the cemetery.



mr jack plays with PeeBee AREE.

fake plants.

The time in between,
has stretc
hed out 6,6,6 ways.
I kn
ow it’s done in two,
when enough’s never done in lays.

One good thing happens,
the life is gold,
it falls quite quickly,
with a tension to hold.

It roughed in two,
and split the cuff,
Was n
o longer in limit,
she called your bluff.

So admit the fraud,
and s
wallow it whole,
there’s not much of a life,
if your life’s got a two-way toll.

Mitch All Together

Mitch Hedberg All Together | MIKKO KUORINKI | kiasma museum



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