by veepho

Hello to those, I love and loved,
Here are my thanks,
The hat
e is shoved.

The ginger,
who I h
ave given my heart,
Put a ring on my fourth,
and would
never let me fall apart.

There’s one with the ink
and blu
e hair,
who recently became a friend
-post steven tyler prayer.

There is another,
ho is just “sooo good”,
even better than ‘penelope’,
on t
he cobalt stage…he would.

The one who has stuck,
through thirteen years,
with whom I’ll cou
nt satellites,
until sickness appears.

Then, there is the kind free-soul,
who started by making my jack,
pulls up my mouth corners,
then lighte
ned my heart from black.

There is the fashion-friend,
who liquid-dines with me,
we’ll share a bread crumb,
and no
sun, we’ll pill-form our vitamin d.

There are several more,
I am simply tired and have shared enough love for a night,
but you know
who you are,
next time I see you, I’ll squeeeze you tight.

I took my heart off my mantel just for you.