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Month: October, 2012

I need to be back in that city tonight.

here’s the problem,
the timing isn’t right.
I nee
d to get back to that city,

I need the music,
I n
eed the art,
I need to meet her again,
or, so says my black heart.

I like my leather,
I wanted it so,
I asked for her,
was a good show.

I need to get back,
to that which excites me,
that li
fe, that love,
that arrogant city.

There’s not much left here,
for m
e, just look up and bring down,
some people enjoy wearing
the big apple crown.

A crown made of studs,
spikes and leather,
cover it up in black
bloody it together.






Hello to those, I love and loved,
Here are my thanks,
The hat
e is shoved.

The ginger,
who I h
ave given my heart,
Put a ring on my fourth,
and would
never let me fall apart.

There’s one with the ink
and blu
e hair,
who recently became a friend
-post steven tyler prayer.

There is another,
ho is just “sooo good”,
even better than ‘penelope’,
on t
he cobalt stage…he would.

The one who has stuck,
through thirteen years,
with whom I’ll cou
nt satellites,
until sickness appears.

Then, there is the kind free-soul,
who started by making my jack,
pulls up my mouth corners,
then lighte
ned my heart from black.

There is the fashion-friend,
who liquid-dines with me,
we’ll share a bread crumb,
and no
sun, we’ll pill-form our vitamin d.

There are several more,
I am simply tired and have shared enough love for a night,
but you know
who you are,
next time I see you, I’ll squeeeze you tight.

I took my heart off my mantel just for you.



self sabotage.

I’ll just put it out there,
for all to abuse.
Once there’s some promise,
Shh’ll kick em off in twos.

Relieve your heart,
through splendid misfortune.
She’ll drown herself in idiotic self sabotage,
in the last 5 pounds, eat three two seven portions.

Destroy your brain,
with a jug of fine.
She starts a day with a list,
only to put down a bottle of jack before nine.

So enjoy the freedom of not seeing the end,
you can fuck up, continue on.
She knows she’s been given a lot,
but refuses to accept the healthiness of being a yawn.


chelsea kicks.

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