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Month: September, 2012

I walked that bridge.

It’s been a while.
I know it has.
Have been
in my brain: alcatraz.

You know what’s new?
You must…perhaps know.
Let’s try to pack a wordy flow.

I cannot do the old regime.
I cannot look into the glass.
Put me in the casqu…

I cannot write, much any more.
The bridge was big, there was no floor.

The people were half-friendly,
but refreshing to meet.
I mean, some people say,
you are what you eat.

I wish it was more than it was.
I wis
h it more, Eye always does.

got drugs? (MoMA)

ring it in

death is free




cubana social | williamsburg | 26.08.12

With a bag in hand,
arm and shoulder,
Go to the future faith,
in y
our ideal gun holster.

Get in touch with nobody,
that is and isn’t all,
that yo
u had hoped for.

The people get off with,
you in hand and shakes,
an awful little glimpse,
of fra
mes, stills and uptakes.

Get in line with everybody,
else wh
o is and isn’t yours…
mine, or h-ou
Through minutes, weeks but bottomless bores.

Huddle down your life,
and as
semble to the lies they kept…
away from their mind and
very much open-swep

Listen hard and listen closely,
The bells and whistles can tell.
You a
re about to embark,
on a lackluster journey somewhere between here and hell.

You made it your own,
and got shunned by all,
so you gave it nothing,
by givi
ng your all.

Keep one your love and listen to your,
Life is a funn
y whole,
between you and your aspirations,
of some
thing more than an afternoon parole.



chelsea piers. 15:49 26/08/12

Live in the movement,
the mo
vement of sounds.
Listen to chatter, shatter,
with cocked and pu
lled, many rounds.

Watched them paddle their lives,
in the rough.
With finite dreams,
packed with banker’s boxes of stupid st

Help them melt in the hudson’s breeze,
with judgement and rotations,
cles steeze.

Witness the empowerment,
her lifestyle mistaken by freedom.
They’re l
ying, you‘re lying,
from seed to me-dom.

interactive piece – MoMa manhattan.


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