inverted pentacles, vagina | steven tyler

by veepho

We drew on some pentagrams.
Two in
verted pentacles, to be precise.
On the inside of our palms,
With one hand on my vag
ina + the remaining hands,
held together would most definitely suffice.

We prayed to Steven Tyler,
our bonding glue.
No one has ever understood my love for him,
as honestly, and atypically,
as d
isgustingly as you do.

You picked your track marks,
we scamm
ed under tape.
But the fucking hand,
hollered and made us abide
o specifics, boundaries, and shapes.

My night really started at 1:30 am,
my n
ight really started in the morning.
My night really started at 2 in the mourning.
My night really started with no proper warning.

steven tyler | joe perry -they’re on a couch…fuck boats.