mid-afternoon dream.

by veepho

tried to do work on my day off.
this is what happened.


hotel with sfu.
futuristic vessels of storytelling capabilities.
must prove 75+ age status for respect.
enter an alcoholic LA space.

Meet in hotel.
nose flutes, chai lattes.
addict tries to kill my friends.

my name: special agent Ph-o , FBI – Behavioral Analysis Unit

dream | noun, often attributive \ˈdrēm\
—-a series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring
during sleep and especially during REM sleep


day·dream noun \ˈdā-ˌdrēm\
——a visionary creation of the imagination
experienced while awake; especially:a
gratifying reverie usually of wish fulfillment
—daydream intransitive verb
—day·dream·er noun