by veepho

/SHäk/ — /ʃɒk/

What kills me the most is not that I didn’t know.
What kills the virus’ host is that with full knowledge,
the narration denied that the headliner performed show.

What’s shAWking is one’s inability to remove such virus.
“Come back” the host said.
& then it fled to bed, turned and said, it bled until it after-wed.

1. “a feeling of disturbed surprise resulting from a sudden upsetting event:
her death gave us all a terrible shock”
–[mass noun]:
her eyes opened wide in shock
“a disturbance causing instability in an economy:
trading imbalances caused by the two oil shock”s


2. “a violent shaking movement caused by an impact, explosion, or tremor

3. “short for shock absorber.

1. “[with object] cause (someone) to feel surprised and upset:
she was shocked at the state of his injuries
–offend the moral feelings of; outrage:
the revelations shocked the nation
–[no object] experience outrage:
he shocked so easily”

2. “affect with physiological shock, or with an electric shock:
if a patient is deeply shocked, measurement of blood pressure may be difficult”

3. “[no object] archaic collide violently:
carriage after carriage shocked fiercely against the engine”

-oxford dictionary
Don’t ever allow trauma to become the status quo.
Don’t ever allow drama to headline the common show.