by veepho

So here’s the thing.. I listen to a hugeeeeee variety of music.

I love the vibes of new-jack swing.
I love the euphoric escapism of dubstep.
I love the lyrical outpour of protest-song.
I love the storytelling of rap.
I love the power vocals in everything/anything.
I love quirky mousy vocals in post-dub.
I love the mystical tribalistic/futuristic experimentations in multiple genres.

But today, I got a chance to remember a timeless/ageless/extraordinary/record-breaking vocalist… Since I go through alternating and repeating phases of musical genres, I hadn’t experienced him in a while.. BUT this is the reason why I never stray too far.

Steven Tyler.
My man.
That mouth.
That range.. those lungs.
That talent.
Fuck you.
You are one of my favorite vocalist, you are THE gritty rocker, dirty piece of trashy perfection.
thank you.
***I want to drape like one of your scarves on that mic stand.

Dream On – Aerosmith 1973
–here is a video from ’91 and one from ’11
10 yrs apart.. seriously.

Dream On-Aerosmith 1991-MTV 10th Anniversary –

Dream On-Steven Tyler 2011-American Idol –