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Month: May, 2012


/SHäk/ — /ʃɒk/

What kills me the most is not that I didn’t know.
What kills the virus’ host is that with full knowledge,
the narration denied that the headliner performed show.

What’s shAWking is one’s inability to remove such virus.
“Come back” the host said.
& then it fled to bed, turned and said, it bled until it after-wed.

1. “a feeling of disturbed surprise resulting from a sudden upsetting event:
her death gave us all a terrible shock”
–[mass noun]:
her eyes opened wide in shock
“a disturbance causing instability in an economy:
trading imbalances caused by the two oil shock”s


2. “a violent shaking movement caused by an impact, explosion, or tremor

3. “short for shock absorber.

1. “[with object] cause (someone) to feel surprised and upset:
she was shocked at the state of his injuries
–offend the moral feelings of; outrage:
the revelations shocked the nation
–[no object] experience outrage:
he shocked so easily”

2. “affect with physiological shock, or with an electric shock:
if a patient is deeply shocked, measurement of blood pressure may be difficult”

3. “[no object] archaic collide violently:
carriage after carriage shocked fiercely against the engine”

-oxford dictionary
Don’t ever allow trauma to become the status quo.
Don’t ever allow drama to headline the common show.




bowl of winds.

Filled is a bowl with infinite winds
The calm breezes,
and the destructive sinds.

She never thought she’d get caught within,
she laughed and cried
and ended in sin.

Not the sin of the holy
but the personal fear
of allowing those winds to hit in near.

Her windbreaker, her shelter
removed, relieved, seduced..
…her into a psychedelic welter.

A welter of desire
pixie dust and forceful smiles,
that required rebooting 10 times in 5 miles.

This bowl was not in her control
It was through sand and rain,
she was hunted by a dhole.

The movement of the bowl will only accelerate,
it’s now up to her to take every wind-
embrace, cherish and venerate.



it takes x muscles.

It may take x muscles to a and only y muscles to b.
where x > y.

But in the end, to b takes more effort than to a
because to b is more than often, a facade of surface happiness.

Often, to b is for others, and is rather exhausting to force.
Find a reason to b naturally, instead.
…easier said than done.




“Trying to brighten your ho hum life with a little allusion?”
-Daria (Season 2, Episode 12:Pierce Me)

“the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy”
– Oxford dictionary

“the tendency…” could be removed but…
“to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment of engaging in fantasy” is pretty perfect.

“to seek distraction and relief…” these words are key. It is a mere distraction, however for many people, I believe
“to seek distraction…” easily progresses into seeking a clear exit.

Remind yourself of the last thing that matters
Cherish it as genuinely as possible,
escape into it and never let it go..
never let it let you go.



salt water.

The ocean is an inconceivable body of water.
An inconceivable body of water sheltering creatures.
Creatures, discovered and undiscovered.
Discoveries forgotten and discoveries desired.
Desires held in every single particle of water.
Water so salty, it causes dehydration.
Dehydration so intense, it takes an indefinite amount of time to revive.
Revival found with time.
Time lost and found in the ocean.
The ocean.
…or a single tear drop.




My best girl‘s birthday was yesterday and we got the privilege of staying overnight at a beach house out in Tsawwassen.
breathtakingly beautiful, low tides would have allowed us to walk to the united STATES of america.
Just saying, we had wine.
I was in good company.
I was in a hottub.
…and the ocean was 4 steps from our beds.

here’s me, unimpressed.

that’s the ocean. at low tide. this was taken from the backyard. like wtf?

I love how driving an hour from the ‘burbs gets me to a quaint beach town.
So thankful.




forever frankin’ ocean.

…because in the most comfortable position, I had two hearts, one on either side of my chest.


PLEASE disregard the images used in this video.. soo NOT the intentioned imagery. It may have meant something to the person who made it but yeah… those are not my immediate image associations.

Ella Fitzgerald – How Deep Is The Ocean (1957)
–Original music by Irving Berlin(1932) sung by Jack Fulton and backed by Paul Whiteman&Orchestra (1933)

Frank Ocean – Thinkin bout You (2011)


So here’s the thing.. I listen to a hugeeeeee variety of music.

I love the vibes of new-jack swing.
I love the euphoric escapism of dubstep.
I love the lyrical outpour of protest-song.
I love the storytelling of rap.
I love the power vocals in everything/anything.
I love quirky mousy vocals in post-dub.
I love the mystical tribalistic/futuristic experimentations in multiple genres.

But today, I got a chance to remember a timeless/ageless/extraordinary/record-breaking vocalist… Since I go through alternating and repeating phases of musical genres, I hadn’t experienced him in a while.. BUT this is the reason why I never stray too far.

Steven Tyler.
My man.
That mouth.
That range.. those lungs.
That talent.
Fuck you.
You are one of my favorite vocalist, you are THE gritty rocker, dirty piece of trashy perfection.
thank you.
***I want to drape like one of your scarves on that mic stand.

Dream On – Aerosmith 1973
–here is a video from ’91 and one from ’11
10 yrs apart.. seriously.

Dream On-Aerosmith 1991-MTV 10th Anniversary –

Dream On-Steven Tyler 2011-American Idol –

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