beach, betch.

by veepho


I went to UBC today, ended up on a rocky beach
I drew a hand peace sign on a tower– I challenge you to go find it, you’ll know it was me, figure it out.
Then we walked a couple hours, got to spanish banks.. ended up on west 4th. I love my city, I love this world. I brought rocks home, I really did.
the downer.
bus issues- because people wouldn’t get off/wait for the next… well, we did and ended up getting on another bus that outdrove the busy one–good karma, gud kARM-a.
Skytrain was great, always is– my only boyfriend…just kidding, jd is my main man.
Then the shuttle bus left early and b-line did too.
so I didn’t get to cuddle.

I still love my city.
Go find my peace.
I left it for you-go south west, find the neh-ked ones.