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Month: April, 2012


I’ve been leaving my cd’s, tapes and vinyls all over my floor to “organize” them…for a while now.
I finally decided that I needed to get them off the floor soooooo
here’s what happened:


I took all my organized cd’s and tapes off my shelf and piled them on the ground.
Then I attempted to organize them, but to do it by year required too much effort, at the time.. so I settled for genres…loosely.
(like, ATCQ could be rap, but also 90s vibes… yes 90s vibes is a genre for me.. in fact it’s a lyfestyle.


so I ended up just orgasm-ing over my favorites:
Prince&theREV -PurpleRain(1984) album

HACKERS soundtrack(1996)
“original bedroom rockers”kruder & dorfmeister

“More than This”

–I could go on FOREVER but ANYWAY… I definitely still do need to organize it.. the “loose genres” didn’t even stick.

I love music.
Value Village finds.flea market finds. AUDIOPILE on commercial btwn 4th+5th FINDS.




NSYNC candle.

SO I ran into a beautiful person I hadn’t seen in years, this morning, on my way to the vancouver flea market. Talk about a GREAT START to a morning.
beautiful people and cheap shet. amazing.

I scored some keys for jewelry making..YUS.

I also obtained a purple tin NSYNC candle … get this.. 4 FREE-ziesssss.
bOMb. I know.

There wasn’t a great deal of shet to get but I met some crazy rad people(slightly creepy types which made them THAT much kewlER.)

The jewelry will be crafted very S00n. so check out my aRRt. page.



t minus ylenol

t minus ylenol would be lovely.
edutilos is an art which requires endless effort.
being ylenol just sucks.

sleep with this film…
one of my favorites…
I identified so specifically with ally sheedy’s character Lucy Berliner.
no need to alert anybody, I won’t pull the same ending.

High Art (1998) – directed by Lisa Cholodenko
starring: Ally Sheedy, Radha Mitchell, Patricia Clarkson



ain’t it funny

ain’t it funny..? (cue j-lo+jarule)

This isn’t meant to be sad and pathetic, but it will probably come across as such.

ain’t it funny when the people you feel closest with don’t have the same feelings towards you?
when the situation is romantic, I understand the difficult separation confusion between lust and love, but when it comes to platonic relationships…
how is it possible to care so deeply about someone and realize it really isn’t returned?

ain’t it funny…?

(actually, cue jlo + jarule now)

beach, betch.


I went to UBC today, ended up on a rocky beach
I drew a hand peace sign on a tower– I challenge you to go find it, you’ll know it was me, figure it out.
Then we walked a couple hours, got to spanish banks.. ended up on west 4th. I love my city, I love this world. I brought rocks home, I really did.
the downer.
bus issues- because people wouldn’t get off/wait for the next… well, we did and ended up getting on another bus that outdrove the busy one–good karma, gud kARM-a.
Skytrain was great, always is– my only boyfriend…just kidding, jd is my main man.
Then the shuttle bus left early and b-line did too.
so I didn’t get to cuddle.

I still love my city.
Go find my peace.
I left it for you-go south west, find the neh-ked ones.



top searches.

So apparently… my top search recommendations in drop down are SUPER accurate. … :| xx -v

here goes.

Here we go.
Here we are.

This is me, be a leader, follow me.



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